Campaign Kickoff Bolstered By Capacity Crowd

On Wednesday, August 30th, Hilary Hodge held her campaign kickoff event at Summerthymes Bakery and Deli on Colfax Ave in Grass Valley, with a packed house in attendance despite the record heatwave.  More than 150 people turned out for the event, with folks spilling out into the parking lot to enjoy Lazy Dog Ice Cream Bars.

Constituent enjoying a summer treat.

Hilary started her event with the Star Spangled Banner and a moment of silence for our first responders and neighbors affected by Hurricane Harvey and the many fires burning throughout our country.  As the event began, Hilary got word about local Pleasant fire and thanked our brave local men and women in uniform for their heroism.

The event was attended by a large cross-section of our community; both supporters and the curious came to hear what Hilary is about and what her campaign has to offer.  Many left handing Hilary their donations at the door.

“It was wonderful to see so many people supporting our campaign out the gate,” said Hilary Hodge. “We have had so much initial support. I feel great about our momentum.”

Hilary Hodge is running for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor which consists primarily of Grass Valley city proper and some outlying unincorporated areas.  Residents of Nevada County’s District 3 can vote for Hilary on June 5th, 2018.  All people interested in helping Hilary can donate or sign up to volunteer.