What is going on?

Today seemed really overwhelming.

We care about our community.  We care about our country. We work hard. We volunteer.  We help others.

We need people in office to focus on what’s really important. When I’m elected, I will stand with the people of our community and country.  I will always work with my community. I will work on what is really important.

The devastation in Puerto Rico is heart breaking.  So many families are overwhelmed and living without basic supplies, with no hope for the near future. 3.4 million people may be without power for 3-6 months. There has been little or no word from the United States Government on what the recovery effort will look like.

Congress is once again fighting over healthcare, trying to pass a repeal bill that would pummel working American families.  There have been backroom deals and sordid donations working to sway our representatives away from the needs of hard-working Americans.

President Donald Trump is tweeting about NFL players taking a knee, trying to drive a wedge between Americans and misconstruing the issue of protest all together.  To paraphrase several sentiments of social media, thinking NFL players are “protesting the flag” is like thinking Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus to protest public transportation.

But Donald Trump lashed out on Twitter against North Korea over the weekend.  North Korea’s foreign minister made a statement that Donald Trump’s Tweet from early Saturday, saying that it constituted a declaration of war. North Korea responded by basically declaring war on the United States.

And still, the most important issues are those closest to home.  We can look at the national news and feel paralyzed.  We can try to do our best to think globally and act locally.  When it comes down to the most important things about life, however, we find but one truth: the only thing that matters is the people we love and what they love in return.

A friend of mine died this morning.  She was a beacon of hope and light in this dark moment of time. She lived her life for her community.  She lived her life for art.  She lived her life for preservation. It is because of her that so many of the beautiful legacies in our community live on. She made the world a better place every day she was on this earth.

As we go forward in these troubling times, let us always uphold so many who came before us providing light and love. Let us uphold their lives and find strength in their legacy.

We are stronger for each other.