As we continue to see a housing shortage in California, renters and low-to-middle income families continue to be unfairly burdened with skyrocketing housing costs and trickle-down gentrification.

In an article titled, “Poor People are Running Out of Places to Live” published by on October 25th, 2017, author Henry Grabar writes:

“What happened to all those apartments for people with very low incomes? Some of them are still occupied by very-low income households—nearly 40 percent of households with incomes between $15,000 and $30,000 pay more than half their income in rent, leaving them with little to spend or save. For households earning less than $15,000, that portion rises to more than 70 percent.

“But something else happened to those apartments: They became the homes of people with low incomes, who couldn’t afford low-income apartments that had been taken by people with middle incomes. And so on. It’s a kind of cascading national process of gentrification. Low-income apartments are desperately needed, but if you don’t build market-rate apartments for middle-income residents, it’s still those at the bottom who get hurt.”

When we talk about development and housing for our community, we must include affordable housing for a sustainable future for all Nevada County residents.