Rural Jobs, Rural Innovation

We know that rural communities have an incredible knack for innovation, even when facing a lack of resources.  Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Nevada County. As we look to the future of our rural economy, we know that we are going to have to get creative if want a thriving economy.

This article from Venture Beat points out that, “If it seems like rural Americans face an uphill fight, it’s because they do. Research shows that job growth in rural areas significantly lags job growth in urban areas and still has not returned to 2008 pre-financial crisis levels. Prime-age (25-54) workers in rural areas are also poorer than their urban counterparts, and a disproportionately high percentage of rural workers are affected by changes in technology and environment regulations.”

In places like Colorado, the state is partnering with Investment Firms in order to provide start up capital in rural communities.  A similar model in rural California could help provide critical funding to California’s best innovators.

The article goes on to say, “The economic divide between urban and rural communities is fueling a growing political and cultural divide. While one $9 million fund in Colorado won’t heal the division between urban and rural communities, it is a step in the right direction and sets an example Congress and the White House should follow. A federally backed national rural innovation fund would send a strong message that there is more to rural America than just shuttered factories and abandoned coal mines.”