Where does our funding come from?

We are happy to announce that we are supported by individuals and organizations from our community.

The “Hodge for Supervisor 2018” campaign received 235 donations in the first filing period. 202 of those donations were from individuals residing in Nevada County.  Of the 33 donations that weren’t local, all of them were individual contributions from California and were from Hilary’s friends and family.  The vast majority of our donations, are from Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Rough and Ready etc.  We are supported by local volunteers and donors.

“Scrolling through the long (63 pages) list of Hilary contributors it’s clear to me that Hilary is the grass roots candidate and she has tremendous local support with voters,” said Nevada County resident Lang Waters. “Count the donations. Hilary is the candidate with local voter support. She has nearly three times the number of local contributors to her campaign than her opponent.”

Our commitment is to Nevada County. Our support comes from Nevada County. We are here for the entire community.