Don’t Trash the Planet. Don’t Trash the Signs.

Let’s reduce our environmental impact by ensuring our resources are used in smart and productive ways.  

I care about the natural beauty of our environment. I believe that we should properly steward our natural resources.

In celebration of International Day of Forests (March 20th), World Water Day (March 21st), and Earth Hour Day (March 24th) I am calling on all of our supporters and everyone in our community to help us reduce waste.

Political signs are a tradition that support the freedom of speech in our community and in our country. Additionally, political signs are a tradition that use natural resources.

Our campaign is dedicated to the reuse and recycling of all of our campaign materials. After election day on June 5th, we will store all of our reusable materials and we will recycle the rest.

Please don’t trash political signs from any campaign. When folks dispose of campaign signs, it can be costly to a campaign but it is equally costly to mother earth.  

If you are no longer wanting a campaign sign, or if you think a sign has improperly placed, please contact the campaign so that they may reuse it or move it.

If you would like a “Hilary Hodge for Supervisor” campaign sign for your yard or business please email: