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Hilary Hodge Receives Endorsement From Laborers

Laborers Local 185 is proud to endorse Hilary Hodge for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor.  Laborers Local 185 represents over 5,000 members throughout their 20 county area of coverage and many working families in Nevada County.  The goal of Laborers Local 185 is to support candidates who will fight for working families. Hilary Hodge has best understanding of priorities facing working middle-class families, and the community.

“Hilary Hodge understands the changing economy and the complex issues facing working families today.  We feel that she is the best candidate represent the people of Nevada County.” said Doyle S. Radford Jr., labor leader.

“Hilary Hodge is a leader who understands the issues facing working families and who is willing to make housing and job creation a top priority. We need a Supervisor who will support projects that lead to housing and jobs. Hilary has innovative ideas and we are proud to support her.”

Laborers Local 185 is a part of the Laborers International Union of North America.

Hilary Hodge supports Sammie’s Friends

I want to state for the record that I unequivocally support Sammie’s Friends and the renewal of their county contract.

My friends and family and those who have gotten to know me throughout my campaign for District 3 Supervisor, know that I’m an enthusiastic animal lover. As the owner of six pets, three shelter adoptions and three strays, I never thought I’d be entrenched in a controversy over animal welfare.

When The Union wrote on April 20th that “Hodge said the proposal, while unfortunate, is the correct move,” they only reported a portion of my entire statement.

At a debate against my opponent on Thursday April 19th, when I answered the question about our local animal shelter and caring for Nevada County’s animals, I attempted to highlight our crumbling infrastructure. The actual quote was, “”Unfortunately, at this time, this is probably going to have to be the right move because our board of supervisors has a history of dereliction when it comes to many of our county services. And one of those [services] has been, unfortunately, our animal facility. We are now at a crossroads where our animal facility needs updating. It needs upkeep. And it might need to be completely redone. So we have some animals in our community whose care is going to have to be outsourced to Placer County.”

As a long time supporter of Sammie’s Friends, when I listened to my statement, I was also shocked by what I heard and realized how it might have been interpreted. I called reporter Alan Riquelmy and left a message letting him know that I wanted to go on record explicitly stating “I support Sammie’s friends and renewing their contract.” That part of the conversation did not make it to press.

For those who read the report or heard my statement in a different way than what I meant, I apologize. I want the community to know that I stand behind Sammie’s Friends. I want to see our unsheltered animals have access to adequate facilities and services.

As stated on my website, “I support the extension of the Sammie’s Friends contract. Our people and our pets deserve the best. I stand with Sammie’s Friends and their incredible efforts on behalf of our community’s animals. Sammie’s Friends has been doing amazing work with little support, and this public-private partnership shouldn’t be squandered. We need an updated animal shelter in our community and it is clear that the public wants to see this happen. Let’s continue to put pressure on our elected officials to make sure we can care for our community’s animals, and as Supervisor I will work to ensure our animals receive the support they need.”

Our family veterinarian has offered her enthusiastic support. “I’ve had the pleasure of being Hilary’s veterinarian, at Brunswick Veterinary Clinic, for the past 7 years,” said Dr. Michelle Meyer. “ I have always found her to go above and beyond in the care and comfort of her pets. I know she is a huge supporter of Sammie’s Friends and has adopted a cat from our local non-profit organization, Sammie’s Friends. I know Hilary has a huge heart for both the people and animals of our community.”

I am a concerned community member running for office. I am not a career politician and I have no practice in trying to distill important issues into one minute soundbites. My heart is in this campaign and I will always work for this community. I will continue to admit when I’ve made a mistake and as Supervisor, I will reach out with transparency.

I support our animal rights community and I support Sammie’s Friends.

Hilary Hodge Releases Her Endorsements

Hilary Hodge, candidate for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor, released her endorsements this week with support from former Nevada County Supervisors, community leaders, and some of California’s top lawmakers.

Hilary Hodge’s supporters include former Nevada County Supervisors Peter Van Zant and Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin.

“I’m endorsing Hilary Hodge for the new ideas and fresh energy she will bring to the Board of Supervisors,” said Van Zant. “Hilary’s long time roots in Northern California and her experience in local jobs development and economic development are needed now.  She understands the unique and strategic role the Board of Supervisors plays in the economic, cultural, and social life of Nevada County.”

Two of California’s Constitutional Officers endorsed Hilary Hodge along with California State Senator Kevin de Leon. California’s Insurance Commissioner and candidate for state Attorney General, Dave Jones is among Hilary’s supporters along with California Board of Equalization member, Fiona Ma. Hilary’s supporters also include neighboring community elected officials Marnie Mendoza, Mayor Pro Tem of Colfax, and Sacramento City Councilmember Steve Hansen.

“We need a Supervisor who is going to reach across community and county lines in order to work for Nevada County. I will be that Supervisor,” said Hilary Hodge. “We need innovative ideas and collaboration to ensure our community’s future. With my experience and my relationships, I’m the best qualified candidate for the job.”

Hilary Hodge is supported by a number of community members including the past Executive Director of the Center for the Arts, Julie Baker; local broadband champion, John Paul; CEO of California Solar Electric, Lars Ortegren; and Co-founder of See Jane Do, Elisa Parker.

To view the full and growing list of Hilary Hodge’s supporters click here.

Don’t Trash the Planet. Don’t Trash the Signs.

Let’s reduce our environmental impact by ensuring our resources are used in smart and productive ways.  

I care about the natural beauty of our environment. I believe that we should properly steward our natural resources.

In celebration of International Day of Forests (March 20th), World Water Day (March 21st), and Earth Hour Day (March 24th) I am calling on all of our supporters and everyone in our community to help us reduce waste.

Political signs are a tradition that support the freedom of speech in our community and in our country. Additionally, political signs are a tradition that use natural resources.

Our campaign is dedicated to the reuse and recycling of all of our campaign materials. After election day on June 5th, we will store all of our reusable materials and we will recycle the rest.

Please don’t trash political signs from any campaign. When folks dispose of campaign signs, it can be costly to a campaign but it is equally costly to mother earth.  

If you are no longer wanting a campaign sign, or if you think a sign has improperly placed, please contact the campaign so that they may reuse it or move it.

If you would like a “Hilary Hodge for Supervisor” campaign sign for your yard or business please email:

Where does our funding come from?

We are happy to announce that we are supported by individuals and organizations from our community.

The “Hodge for Supervisor 2018” campaign received 235 donations in the first filing period. 202 of those donations were from individuals residing in Nevada County.  Of the 33 donations that weren’t local, all of them were individual contributions from California and were from Hilary’s friends and family.  The vast majority of our donations, are from Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Rough and Ready etc.  We are supported by local volunteers and donors.

“Scrolling through the long (63 pages) list of Hilary contributors it’s clear to me that Hilary is the grass roots candidate and she has tremendous local support with voters,” said Nevada County resident Lang Waters. “Count the donations. Hilary is the candidate with local voter support. She has nearly three times the number of local contributors to her campaign than her opponent.”

Our commitment is to Nevada County. Our support comes from Nevada County. We are here for the entire community.