Hilary Hodge Receives Endorsement From Laborers

Laborers Local 185 is proud to endorse Hilary Hodge for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor.  Laborers Local 185 represents over 5,000 members throughout their 20 county area of coverage and many working families in Nevada County.  The goal of Laborers Local 185 is to support candidates who will fight for working families. Hilary Hodge has best understanding of priorities facing working middle-class families, and the community.

“Hilary Hodge understands the changing economy and the complex issues facing working families today.  We feel that she is the best candidate represent the people of Nevada County.” said Doyle S. Radford Jr., labor leader.

“Hilary Hodge is a leader who understands the issues facing working families and who is willing to make housing and job creation a top priority. We need a Supervisor who will support projects that lead to housing and jobs. Hilary has innovative ideas and we are proud to support her.”

Laborers Local 185 is a part of the Laborers International Union of North America.

Hilary Hodge Releases Her Endorsements

Hilary Hodge, candidate for Nevada County District 3 Supervisor, released her endorsements this week with support from former Nevada County Supervisors, community leaders, and some of California’s top lawmakers.

Hilary Hodge’s supporters include former Nevada County Supervisors Peter Van Zant and Elizabeth “Izzy” Martin.

“I’m endorsing Hilary Hodge for the new ideas and fresh energy she will bring to the Board of Supervisors,” said Van Zant. “Hilary’s long time roots in Northern California and her experience in local jobs development and economic development are needed now.  She understands the unique and strategic role the Board of Supervisors plays in the economic, cultural, and social life of Nevada County.”

Two of California’s Constitutional Officers endorsed Hilary Hodge along with California State Senator Kevin de Leon. California’s Insurance Commissioner and candidate for state Attorney General, Dave Jones is among Hilary’s supporters along with California Board of Equalization member, Fiona Ma. Hilary’s supporters also include neighboring community elected officials Marnie Mendoza, Mayor Pro Tem of Colfax, and Sacramento City Councilmember Steve Hansen.

“We need a Supervisor who is going to reach across community and county lines in order to work for Nevada County. I will be that Supervisor,” said Hilary Hodge. “We need innovative ideas and collaboration to ensure our community’s future. With my experience and my relationships, I’m the best qualified candidate for the job.”

Hilary Hodge is supported by a number of community members including the past Executive Director of the Center for the Arts, Julie Baker; local broadband champion, John Paul; CEO of California Solar Electric, Lars Ortegren; and Co-founder of See Jane Do, Elisa Parker.

To view the full and growing list of Hilary Hodge’s supporters click here.

Signatures in Lieu

On February 7th, 2018, Hilary Hodge, candidate for Nevada County Supervisor, District 3, submitted more than 200 signatures to the county clerk’s office for verification to qualify as signatures in lieu of a filing fee.  It costs over $500 to file to run for Supervisor in Nevada County and each verified signature saves Hilary a percentage off the fee to file.

Hilary has been collecting signatures from District 3 supporters by going directly to the voters. Hilary and several of her campaign volunteers have been knocking on doors in Grass Valley and have been putting out tables near local grocery stores.

“The support from the community has been overwhelming,” said Hilary. “We are humbled and honored by the positive reception we’ve received. We enjoy meeting with the voters and hearing their concerns.”

Hilary is a first-time candidate running in District 3 which covers the City of Grass Valley, Cedar Ridge, the Brunswick Basin, Squirrel Creek, and unincorporated areas along Highways 49 and 20.  The election is on June 5th 2018.

Hilary Hodge Releases Fundraising Numbers

Hilary Hodge’s fundraising numbers are in:

A report filed with the Nevada County Clerk’s Office has revealed the fundraising numbers for Hilary Hodge, running for Nevada County’s District 3 Supervisor which includes the greater Grass Valley area. Closing her first fiscal period, first-time candidate Hilary Hodge brought in $30,427.68 in financial contributions between August 1st and December 31st of 2017. Her campaign received an additional $7,763.17 in in-kind contributions.

Unlike some politicians who rely on big-dollar contributions from business interests, the overwhelming majority of Hilary Hodge’s contributions came as relatively small donations from individuals. Hilary received financial support from nearly 300 individuals and small businesses, and the amounts were typically in the $25 to $200 range.

“We are running a grass-roots campaign with the help and support of the entire community,” said Hilary Hodge, who has pledged not to take corporate money. “Our fundraising strategy is to include all people at all levels who wish to contribute. Our campaign believes that no contribution is too small.”

Hilary announced her run for Supervisor in August 2017 to a warm welcome from the community.  “Folks are excited for a fresh perspective for Nevada County government,” said Hilary. The campaign has held public “meet and greets” nearly every week since August and will continue to do so throughout 2018.  For more information go to her website at http://www.hilaryhodgeforsupervisor.com

The election is June 5th 2018.

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Generation Change Endorses Hilary Hodge

Generation Change, the first candidate incubator preparing millennial Democrats to run for office in California, released a list of eleven endorsed millennial candidates (and one ally) for state and local office. The candidates, ranging in age from 23- to 38-years-old, are part of a diverse and unprecedented wave of young people inspired to run since the 2016 election.

Tanner Kelly, co-founder and president of Generation Change, released the following statement:

“Faced with skyrocketing housing costs, staggering student loan debt, accelerating climate change, and declining wages, Californians need bold leaders with fresh ideas that will fight for them. The young people we are endorsing have a deep understanding of the challenges Californians face today and are the right choices to build a better future.”

“We know that strong leadership in state and local office is essential to furthering progress for California’s young people. Our endorsed candidates are stepping up to serve and be a voice for families and their communities — Generation Change is proud to stand with them.”

“I’m honored to be a part of the next generation of leaders fighting for young people,” said Hilary Hodge. “I’m running to close the access gap for rural people.”

Hilary Hodge is running for Nevada County Supervisor, District 3.  Her election will take place on June 5th 2018.