Where Does Our Funding Come From?

We are happy to announce that we are supported by individuals and organizations from our Nevada County community. We are running a community-based campaign.

Our campaign is corporate-free. We have pledged not to take any money from corporate interests. Unlike our opponent, we haven’t taken any Corporate PAC money.

Our expenses:

Throughout our campaign we have supported small, local businesses, union-labor, and local people.

We have worked to raise money so that the people who are working on our campaign are paid for their time and talent because working people deserve to be paid for their contribution.

Our donors:

As of the last reporting period, we have once again out-fundraised our opponent and we have done so with small donations, recurring donations, and donations from dedicated local people and local or regional organizations who represent Nevada County’s families and interests.  

Our fundraising report is almost twice as long as our opponent’s report because we received nearly twice the amount of small, grassroots donations.  

To date, we have nearly three-times the local donors than our opponent, with the average contribution being between $50 and $150.

We welcome participation at all levels and our grassroots supporters have donated in amounts starting at $1.60. We appreciate any amount our supporters have to give including time, heart, kindness, and money.

In summary:

Our campaign is supported by local and regional organizations who support Nevada County’s working families and local interests. Laborers Local 185 chose to endorse Hilary Hodge for Supervisor because “”Hilary Hodge is a leader who understands the issues facing working families and who is willing to make housing and job creation a top priority.”  Laborers Local 185 represents over 5,000 members throughout its 20-county area and many working families in Nevada County.

We have been honored to receive endorsements and support from organizations like Generation Change, a statewide organization that supports millennial candidates and Sacramento Stonewall, a regional organization that supports LGBTQ candidates.

We’ve been fortunate that some of Hilary’s fellow UC Davis Aggies have given a little money. We have also received donations from some of Hilary’s friends and family members who live in other locales. Of the few Bay Area residents who have given to Hilary’s campaign, many of them are Nevada Union grads who have moved out of the county and who are looking for an opportunity to move home and raise their families in Nevada County. They support Hilary Hodge because she supports economic development, affordable housing, and high-speed internet for our entire community.

In conclusion:

All of the contributions to Hilary Hodge’s campaign have come from Nevada County, from organizations with ties to Nevada County, from people with ties to Nevada County, or from people who know Hilary Hodge personally and support her vision and dedication to our community.

Hilary Hodge has reached across the aisle in order to foster interest in the health of Nevada County. Hilary Hodge will continue to leverage her experience and relationships in order ensure Nevada County’s future.

As Supervisor, Hilary Hodge will continue to support working families in our community.  She will continue to foster relationships that will bring opportunities for success for all the people in Nevada County.

Where does our funding come from?

We are happy to announce that we are supported by individuals and organizations from our community.

The “Hodge for Supervisor 2018” campaign received 235 donations in the first filing period. 202 of those donations were from individuals residing in Nevada County.  Of the 33 donations that weren’t local, all of them were individual contributions from California and were from Hilary’s friends and family.  The vast majority of our donations, are from Grass Valley, Penn Valley, Rough and Ready etc.  We are supported by local volunteers and donors.

“Scrolling through the long (63 pages) list of Hilary contributors it’s clear to me that Hilary is the grass roots candidate and she has tremendous local support with voters,” said Nevada County resident Lang Waters. “Count the donations. Hilary is the candidate with local voter support. She has nearly three times the number of local contributors to her campaign than her opponent.”

Our commitment is to Nevada County. Our support comes from Nevada County. We are here for the entire community.

Hilary Hodge Releases Fundraising Numbers

Hilary Hodge’s fundraising numbers are in:

A report filed with the Nevada County Clerk’s Office has revealed the fundraising numbers for Hilary Hodge, running for Nevada County’s District 3 Supervisor which includes the greater Grass Valley area. Closing her first fiscal period, first-time candidate Hilary Hodge brought in $30,427.68 in financial contributions between August 1st and December 31st of 2017. Her campaign received an additional $7,763.17 in in-kind contributions.

Unlike some politicians who rely on big-dollar contributions from business interests, the overwhelming majority of Hilary Hodge’s contributions came as relatively small donations from individuals. Hilary received financial support from nearly 300 individuals and small businesses, and the amounts were typically in the $25 to $200 range.

“We are running a grass-roots campaign with the help and support of the entire community,” said Hilary Hodge, who has pledged not to take corporate money. “Our fundraising strategy is to include all people at all levels who wish to contribute. Our campaign believes that no contribution is too small.”

Hilary announced her run for Supervisor in August 2017 to a warm welcome from the community.  “Folks are excited for a fresh perspective for Nevada County government,” said Hilary. The campaign has held public “meet and greets” nearly every week since August and will continue to do so throughout 2018.  For more information go to her website at http://www.hilaryhodgeforsupervisor.com

The election is June 5th 2018.

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