Hilary’s Platform

Affordable Housing

I am committed to working with city governments, the housing authority, and with home builders to leverage state and federal incentives for Nevada County in order to construct suitable community homes that allow for working people to have upward mobility and for retired people to have consistent, reliable housing costs.

53% of dwellings in Grass Valley, more than half, are rentals. Rent prices in our state and community have increased at twice the rate of the national average. In order to create a sustainable future for Nevada County, we must have affordable housing. Our young families, our workforce, and our fixed-income seniors need access to housing they can rely on.


Economic development in Nevada County should help the people living here now and should attract businesses that share our values.

We need to support our small businesses because they are the backbone of our rural economy. As Executive Director of Sierra Commons, I have helped to create many jobs in Nevada County.  I understand how the economy is changing and where it’s going. 54% of small businesses here are home-based. 70% of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person. We need to invest in our local talent, who I have seen go far with just a little bit of support.

High-Speed Internet

I will fight at the local and state levels to ensure that our community has access to broadband.

We need broadband for our entire community and we need leadership that will fight for net neutrality. Our young people and our economy cannot thrive unless we have access to the same tools that our urban and suburban neighbors have. High-speed internet and unrestricted access are essential for rural communities to remain competitive.


Our children should graduate with job-ready skills along with a well-rounded education and they should have access to an affordable college education.

Our youth deserve to have the skills they need in order to succeed. All of Nevada County’s students should have access to job training and higher education.


I am dedicated to to approaching homelessness using the housing first model and will work in partnership with collaborative organizations and departments to house the unsheltered people in our community.

We can and we must do better. As a solution to crime and as a matter of decency, we need to help our homeless and the poorest among us. According to Nevada County’s Health and Human Services Director, 15% of our homeless population are children. Most of the unsheltered people in Nevada County have been long-time residents, and many have family in the area. We also know that homelessness is complicated, and can often be combined with other concerns such as mental illness and addiction. Our elected officials must collaborate with key organizations who have boots on the ground and who are working to help mitigate the compacted issues of homelessness.

Fire & Safety

I am committed to keeping Nevada County safe, and I will work where appropriate to increase support and funding for public safety to ensure our homes and communities are protected from wildfire and crime.

One of the greatest local threats to public safety is adequate funding and staffing for our protection agencies. As the responsibilities increase for our police officers and our firefighters, our community and our government must assume the responsibility to ensure that they are not overburdened.

Food & Agriculture

Let’s build more community gardens, protect Nevada County’s families from food insecurity, and support local food and farmers.

We must support food and farm policy that protects, stewards, and regenerates lands and natural resources. I support the Nevada County Food Policy Council’s plan to have 20% of Nevada County’s food be “whole-sum” by 2025, defined as local and community-based, fair, ecologically sound, and humane. Protecting our small farms, supporting our farmers, and supporting our community’s food security is crucial to Nevada County’s health and future.


I will advocate and provide guidance for a regulated marketplace so that we can mitigate the environmental, criminal, and social impacts of unregulated cannabis.

The regulated future is going to be the standard for the cannabis industry. In Nevada County, we have the opportunity to tax and regulate cannabis in a sensible way. We can bring the economic opportunity that cannabis provides into the mainstream where our community can benefit.  At the same time, we can establish sensible ordinances and regulatory statues that meet the needs of our entire citizenship and keep our children safe. We all want our county resources used efficiently and we want our law enforcement officers to be able to clearly identify those who are willing to participate in a legal market so that we may use our law enforcement resources to weed out the bad players. As Supervisor, I will remove the barrier to entry for those who want to be a part of the legal, regulated economy.

Centennial Dam

I do not support an additional dam on the Bear River and I do not support the proposed Centennial Dam project.

Watershed stewardship, meadow restoration, protecting groundwater tables, and employing other restorative approaches to water sustainability should be our first line of defense when mitigating climate change and thinking about long-term planning for water storage. Dams should be a last resort. In February 2018, the California Water Commission released a Public Benefit Ratio of zero (0.0) for the Centennial Dam Project on the Bear River. Rural California must maintain its environmental sustainability and water security, even in the face of demands from the rest of the state.

Gun Safety

We can keep our children, schools, and communities safe, and we can do so while working together and using every tool at our disposal.

The vast majority of voters in our country support background checks for gun owners. I support increased restrictions on military-style assault weapons, semi-automatic weapons, and accessories to equip standard-issue weapons with rapid-fire capabilities. These are not hobby or hunting firearms, and should not be accessible to anyone in the general population. We can respect responsible gun owners while, at the same time, demanding reasonable background checks and eliminating access to weapons of war. We can empower our hunters and hobby gun enthusiasts without arming irresponsible and dangerous citizens.

Rural Representation

We need someone who will help fight for Nevada County, and I have both the knowledge and relationships to fight for us in Sacramento and throughout the region.

I am a sixth-generation Northern Californian. My rural roots go back to the 1850s, when my family moved out west to begin homesteading in the newly established Golden State.  Having studied at UC Davis and worked in Sacramento, I have seen how our suburban and urban counterparts have access to resources and opportunities that rural Californians do not.


I will advocate for any and all efforts to increase access to affordable healthcare for our vulnerable community members.

Adequate healthcare is a critical concern in our community. Locally, rural clinics need high-speed internet and access to modern tools in order to provide high-quality care. We must also ramp up training programs for nursing, specifically for dementia and senior care, as we are currently facing a shortage of trained care givers. At the state level, we often see law makers leaving rural California’s unique concerns out of the healthcare discussion, and I will fight to see us included.

Animal Welfare

I support the extension of the Sammie’s Friends contract. Our people and our pets deserve the best. I stand with Sammie’s Friends and their incredible efforts on behalf of our community’s animals.

Sammie’s Friends has been doing amazing work with little support, and this public-private partnership shouldn’t be squandered. We need an updated animal shelter in our community and it is clear that the public wants to see this happen. Let’s continue to put pressure on our elected officials to make sure we can care for our community’s animals, and as Supervisor I will work to ensure our animals receive the support they need.


I love this community, and I will work to ensure it thrives for the future of our children and grandchildren.

We can have strong economic growth and a sustainable future without sacrificing our small-town charm. With high-speed internet, we can leverage the gig and remote work economies so that locals can hold strong jobs without needing to move away or commute. Affordable housing should be integrated with middle and higher-income developments to create blended, thriving communities. Additionally we must always be aware of the need for wildfire protection and accessibility for emergency services, so that developments aren’t going up in indefensible locations.


I support Measure D because I know that investing in our school system can go a long way in helping to protect and expand the long-term health of our entire community. Support schools. Support infrastructure. Support Measure D.

The City of Grass Valley’s Measure D proposes a projected tax rate increase of 2.4¢ per $100 of assessed property valuation in order to repair aging classrooms, leaky roofs, upgrade old facilities, and provide a safe, quality learning environment for current and future students in the Grass Valley School District. Our community is at a critical juncture. Nevada County must be able to recruit young families and a sustainable workforce. Nevada County has one of the average oldest populations in California and in the United States. We must expand our population with young and growing families in order to sustain our schools and expand our local workforce. Healthy schools are a key component to a healthy community.

Fiscal Responsibility

I want to see our city expand services while preserving the future of Grass Valley.

Grass Valley residents passed Measure E in June 2018, a proposed sales tax for the city of Grass Valley. This measure expanded funding for such general fund purposes as increased police and fire services, enhancing parks and recreational services, and improving streets and sidewalks.  Measure E was supported by both the Chief of Police and the Fire Chief, as well as several city officials. All funds generated by Measure E will stay local and all expenditures can be subject to an annual audit by an independent citizen oversight committee. It is important that we have fiscally responsible council members who understand how to balance a budget with Grass Valley’s residents in mind.