Neighborhood safety is about community involvement.  When we work together as a community to get to know our neighbors and help our law enforcement officials, the whole community benefits.  Neighborhoods are safe when neighborhoods get involved.

Current crime rates in Grass Valley have been stable. Crime rates have not gone up in recent years.  But perceived rates of crime have changed recently.

There seem to be more people living on the streets, more people visibly suffering from addiction. It seems that we have more apparent transient individuals, especially in our town centers. Local business owners have been more vocal about vandalism and break-ins.  We are experiencing a new concentration of those in need.

There are effective ways to combat crime in communities.

Working with community partners and providing those community partners with the resources they need to succeed is a start.  We have extraordinary community organizations doing amazing work.

We have housing advocates. We have charities that provide food. We have domestic violence organizations which are helping to provide education and services to families. We have neighborhood watch organizations.  We have child advocate programs.  We have drug abuse and rehabilitation facilities.

We need to make sure our community is supported in efforts to combat crime at symptomatic and humanitarian levels, while our law enforcement officials continue to be supported on the front lines when laws are broken.